HARRISBURG, PA – Now that Pennsylvania Democrat Tom Wolf has bought the party’s nomination for governor, the Corbett-Cawley campaign released a handy guide to help show the millionaire how to shake down Pennsylvania taxpayers to fund a run for governor.  This simple three-step guide makes it possible to see how you can sell your company down the river at the expense of taxpayers and then come back to use it as a personal piggy bank in order to buy your party’s nomination for governor.

Step 1.  Sell your Delaware-based family company – a company that you allegedly care so much about – down the river for $20 million to an investment firm who is funded with $41 million of State Employee Retirement System (SERS) money in a leveraged buyout; proceed to watch company fall into financial disarray.  Go on to Harrisburg and fight to raise taxes on hardworking Pennsylvanians (Exhibit A). 
Exhibit A:

“The fund's partial buyout of Wolf's firm benefited him and his two cousins, but it has been a loss so far for the fund's investors, the largest of which is Pennsylvania's underfunded State Employees Retirement System (SERS).”The Philadelphia Inquirer

Step 2.  Buy back into your company at a bargain price (with millions of dollars more in assistance from Pennsylvania taxpayers), and then use your interest in that company as collateral to take out a $4.45 million dollar loan in an attempt to buy an election despite hypocritically campaigning for campaign finance reform (Exhibit B).
Exhibit B:

Millionaire Secretary Tom Wolf:  The guru of making millions at the expense of taxpayers and then running for Governor by taking out a loan against his company that risks throwing it all back into financial disarray again…with more financial help from the taxpayers.

Step 3.  Be a millionaire who pays a single digit tax rate on the millions of dollars you make each year, and then spend your fortune conning the people of Pennsylvania into thinking you’re just a typical Jeep-drivin’ average Joe (Exhibit C).
Exhibit C:

Tax-evading Delaware business owner Tom Wolf, a millionaire who pays an 8.7 percent tax rate, and is spending his wealth in an attempt to trick Pennsylvanians into thinking he’s your Jeep-drivin’ average Joe – but he’s not, he's a Wolf in sheep's clothing.


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