Creating Jobs, Growing the Economy


Turning an economy around takes leadership and bold action, not rhetoric. As Governor, Tom Corbett has put Pennsylvania back to work by keeping his promise to lower taxes on small businesses, cut burdensome regulations, and take critical steps to establish Pennsylvania as an energy supplier to the world.

And the results prove Pennsylvania is now on the right track.  Not only has the jobless rate in Pennsylvania reached a five year low, but since Tom Corbett became Governor, Pennsylvania has added more than 184,000 new private-sector jobs.

In May 2014, Pennsylvania's unemployment rate dropped to 5.6 percent. This is the lowest level since November 2008 and remains below the national rate of 6.1 percent.

Tom Corbett also took decisive action that prevented the closing of three Pennsylvania oil refineries, saving thousands of Pennsylvania jobs.  And Tom has spearheaded critical programs that support and protect Pennsylvania’s agriculture and manufacturing industries. 

Today, we’re out-competing other states as we become a location of choice for companies looking to relocate or start new operations.  This is especially true in the rapidly growing energy industry.

And to make sure Pennsylvania has the workforce we need today...and tomorrow, Tom Corbett has invested significant state dollars in job training and re-training programs, as well as a comprehensive online program that helps unemployed workers identify companies looking for their skills.  

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