As a former public school teacher, Governor Tom Corbett believes strongly in the power of education.

Governor Corbett inherited a $4.2 billion budget deficit when he was elected governor. And worse yet, almost $1 billion in federal dollars that had been helping to fund our schools ran out.

So he moved quickly.

Thanks to Governor Corbett’s bold steps and tight budgets, Pennsylvania’s public schools are now in a much stronger financial position to continue preparing our children for the future in the best way possible.

  • Education funding for Pennsylvania’s kids has increased by more than $1 billion, since Governor Corbett took office.
  • Pennsylvania currently spends more on basic education than any other time in our state’s history, $12 billion in state funding, and ranks in the top 10 of all states for funding public education.
  • Early childhood education programs have seen a budget increase of $72 million, or 24 percent. Bringing the total investment to $374 million.
  • Pennsylvania has secured a $51.7 million federal Race to the Top grant for early learning education.
  • The Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit program was created, which provides $50 million in tuition assistance for low-income families.
  • Funding for the Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program has increased by $25 million, allowing Pennsylvania businesses to receive tax credits for contributing to scholarship programs.
  • Established the “Ready to Succeed” Scholarship to provide financial assistance to middle-income students pursuing a postsecondary education.
  • Paths are set for teachers to grow and improve, using the new, expanded Teacher Evaluation System process.
  • Pennsylvanians can access information about the quality of their state’s schools through the comprehensive website, The School Performance Profile.
  • The Pennsylvania Core Standards was adopted, which ensures that students are succeeding in core subjects that are vital within a global economy.
  • Transitioned from outdated modes of testing to the rigorous Keystone Exams. These end-of-term assessments test students on critical subjects, including Algebra, Biology and the Pennsylvania Core Standards.
  • The “Ready to Learn” block grant establishes that $200 million in funding will directly influence classrooms, to ensure that children are performing at their grade level in math and reading.

Governor Corbett knows that the best way for Pennsylvania to successfully compete for the jobs of the future is to make sure we have the educated workforce. And making sure we invest in our children’s education is a promise he will continue to keep.



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